Friends, after thinking long and hard about this, I have decided to stop posting at Love, Life & the Lot. It was not an easy decision as this blog has been my outlet for the last 3 years. For various personal reasons, I no longer feel comfortable posting on this blog. When I started blogging many years ago, I always knew that my thoughts, emotions and feelings on here are always out there in the open for many, many to be seen and read. But till today, I still struggle to let the little pieces of my life that I share on here viewed by some.

With that, I have started blogging somewhere else. And if you wish to continue to follow on my journey, leave me a comment here with your email address.

Thank you all for your support over the years.


It certainly doesn’t feel like 3 days till Christmas. I can’t wait for a week dedicated to Christmas carols, Christmas movies, eating way too much, having a few drinks and most importantly quality time and memory making with family and friends. It’s a precious time of the year.

Seeing that Christmas is ultimately about the spirit of giving, I’d like to share a story. Earlier this week I found myself in the middle of an overcrowded, bustling city, finishing up on some last minute Christmas shopping. I decided to jump onto a crowded tram to make my way home and as I approached the tram, I noticed an elderly man hunched over trying to scramble to get on the tram. He was hunched over I’m guessing because he suffers from severe arthritis? I can’t be sure.

As he tried to scramble for the tram, he walked into the pathway of a cyclist and though the cyclist was alert and saw him, they narrowly avoided a collision. I could tell that the cyclist was annoyed as he shook his head and muttered something un-Christmas like under his breath.

When I got on the tram, it was crowded and I saw that the elderly man had managed to get a seat. Thankfully. As the crowd pushed me along, I ended up standing right near the man. He saw me and immediately offered me his seat. I assured him that I was fine and that I was getting off at the next stop anyway. I told him to keep his seat. Stubbornly he offered his seat to another lady standing near us and she took it, also after much reluctance.

As the man stood up, the tram stopped suddenly and most of us were jerked forward and he lost balance and fell onto me. Luckily he managed to grab on to something to steady himself whilst I helped prop him up too. He was extremely embarrassed and apologetic. I assured him I was fine and that it was no big deal. Over the next minute, he continued to apologise and asked if he had hurt me in any way. I smiled the warmest smile I could smile and continued to assure him that I was completely fine.

As I waited to get off at the next stop, I looked at this man. Here he was old in age – I’m guessing he would’ve been in his eighties – with troubles of his own obviously as his back just did not look good, and he was still so kind as to offer his seat to someone more than capable of standing up for a couple of minutes. I looked into his eyes and I saw a kindness and sweetness that I’d never seen before in anyone. But, I also saw sadness. I couldn’t shake the sadness I saw and it in turn broke my heart.

This man made me think about life. Life is so precious. I am so lucky to be here. I am so lucky to have what I have – my job, my health, my family and friends, my possessions. Whatever it may be, I am so freaking lucky. I am trying to practice gratefulness in everything that I do on a daily basis. Because it is so easy to forget. I am trying to see kindness in everything. To be kind to everyone even to those who may not deserve my kindness. To see the good in things. To see the good in people.

I hope you all have a merry, merry Christmas and a spectacular new year. Stay safe.


Today was settlement day of our home we sold more than two months ago. I know that in life there will come many a time where I will just have to let go. This is one of them. And it’s hard. This home will always be my first home. I poured so much of my heart and soul into this beautiful little house. And I loved it with all my heart. I always will. It’s been so good to me. I’m taking so much of this home with me. Mostly the good things – the milestones, the achievements, the happy memories.


It’s a wonder how I’ve never really lived near a beach when I’ve always loved being near the water. Now? This is my home. I live only moments from the water and I love it. I took a walk today after work, just to explore. I found myself on a wooden bench, in the sun, staring out to this… It’s bliss.


This may very well be my favourite movie of 2012. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I just wanted to sing along, snap my fingers and applaud each time they finished singing a song. I may also have a major girl crush on Anna Kendrick. Rebel Wilson is a star. Brittany Snow is just gorgeous.


A few days ago, I joined my sister and her family for an evening of entertainment at Carols in the Park. We were extremely lucky with the weather as the day was quite warm. By the time 7pm rolled around, we found ourselves sitting within a sea of people and picnic blankets, the weather at a perfect 25 degrees.


As the evening went by and the sun set, the weather cooled and we spent the night listening to our favourite carols whilst nomming on a lovely picnic dinner put together by my sister. It really was such a family event – people of all ages joined in for a night of tradition and fun. Grandparents, parents, babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, romantic couples… It was a night for everyone.


My favourite part of the night, aside from the carols, was the fireworks display. It had been awhile since I’d seen fireworks and they did not disappoint one bit. I will never tire of the feeling that comes over me when I see those colourful explosions in the night sky. It is a perfect mix of happiness, goose bumps, wonder and just sheer excitement. Always.


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